Come and experience Bratislava with us!

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia is situated only about 60 km/40 miles from the Austrian capital Vienna. Both cities stretch along the banks of the Danube River, a boat cruise between the two taking only 90 minutes. The real charm of Bratislava is found in wandering around the old town, enjoying the picturesque views and relaxing along the way with good food and drink. We want to share our passion for eating delicious food with you. Discover Bratislava on our tour with a local guide in a different way than you might have expected.


Hearty Slovak cuisine is typical of a country with strong rural roots. It is dominated by meat (especially pork), potatoes, dumplings, thick sauces and cheeses. However, if you are looking for vegetables, there is always cabbage - often in the form of sauerkraut. We will introduce to you some classic Slovak dishes, from a cuisine less known and widespread worldwide than for example Chinese or Italian, but equally delicious.


Although we do not consume as much beer as our Czech cousins, the tradition of brewing has strong roots in Slovakia. Dozens of brands and styles, mainly from local microbreweries, can now be found across the land. Slovak viticulture is also known for its rich traditions, with particularly high quality wines coming from several vineyard regions. Among distinguished Slovak spirits, the most famous and favourite is a plum brandy called Slivovica. Important to note; when it comes to drinking in Slovakia, some locally brewed spirits may be stronger than what you are used to.

Explore the city

While experiencing the delicious tastes of Slovak food and drink, we will explore the city and pass by many beauties of Bratislava, old and new architectural highlights, as well as some hidden attractions. Tiny lanes in the Old Town offer an ideal atmosphere for romantic walks to those who love to follow signs of history in the midst of the modern world. The pace of this little city is relaxed and unhurried.

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